Pine Doors 

Available in many models. Check some models here.


Clear Pine Doors

Engineered Clear Pine doors: Pine wood is naturally knotty, so to make clear doors they must be engineered. It means stiles and rails are made of solid wood pieces all embedded, glued and veneered with selected clear veneers. Panels are usually made of clear selected wood strips edge glued. Also possible are the panels made of MDF and pine veneered with membrane press machines.

This engineered construction achieves stability and sturdy construction, so engineered doors are less affected by humidity variation problems as warping, shrinking or swelling. 


Clear pine doors are so classified in two possibilities according to the veneers used:





  •  Cathedral grain or flat grain : a clear (free of knots) veneer
    showing random veins with mixed grain appearance (Most
    of the door orders are veneered this way due to cost)


  •  Vertical Grain: a clear selected veneer showing parallel vertical grains in a much uniform appearance. This kind of veneer produces awesome results on pine doors, however with a slight higher cost.


Knotty Pine Doors

  Solid Knotty doors: As pine wood is naturally knotty, so the stiles, and rails can be all made of full size cut pieces. That is why we call these doors as “solid” knotty. Panels are made of knotty edge glued wood strips. These doors have a lower cost than engineered ones, however more vulnerable to humidity changes. When choosing for solid construction, the manufacturer must be advised about the atmospheric conditions of the destination.


 Engineered Knotty Pine doors: Due to stability and sturdy construction of engineered doors, some markets would like to have them veneered even with knotty pine selected veneers at similar cost as clear doors.



If you did not find your model below, send us a picture or drawing and we check possibilities.