Flush doors



These doors are built with plywood or MDF/hardboard faces veneered

in many possibilities from very simple to varnish grade of hardwood.


Some important characteristics that should be evaluated in a flush door:


  • Semisolid Core or Hollow core: The core is built with pine wood strips.

CORE Construction:

  •  Honeycomb Core: The core is built with carton honeycomb . Although light and made of carton, honeycomb is a widely used core worldwide as it has proved to be stable and a good technological solution enviromental friendly.



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  •  Solid Core: The core is built with pine wood pieces glued together as an edge glued panel.



  • Painting Grade: Some colour variations or wood stains are allowed in the veneer as it would be covered with paint.

  • Varnish Grade: It is a premium product to be varnished, so face veneers are of grade A to show all wood beauty.

  • Grooves and applied moldings: Flush doors can also show grooves or decorative moldings applied on the face veneer. Many models are available.

  • Primed: Flush doors already painted with a white base-primer. The door is so ready to receive the final colour.

Face veneer :


 Edges can be laminated or not laminated.




Inner frame / outer structure:


 Inner frame of doors can be made of pine wood or eucalyptus/hardwood.