Jambs/Frames and Casings/Architraves


There are many designs and measures for door jambs and casings. According to the country jambs can be narrow at 7cm or pretty wide at 24cm. So cost changes dramatically according to measure, design and construction type. When inquiring for jambs or casings we need measures and model to bid accordingly.


Jambs or Frames are usually supplied in 3 pieces set (Top, right and left legs) and casings are supplied in 6 pieces set (Top, right and left legs for both inside and outside parts of the wall. They are basically classified in 3 different construction types:


*Laminated jambs/casings: These are the most popular jambs/casings we export. They are made of edge glued and finger jointed pine pieces or HDF and so llaminated with same door veneer. For a clear pine door we use to have the jambs/casings laminated in clear pine veneer.


*Pine wood Finger jointed jambs/casings: Also popular jambs and casings usually made of clear pine wood. They are not laminated and you can see the joints and pieces glued to build the piece. Also a good solution at a workable price.


*Solid It is possible to find knotty pine solid jambs/casings for solid knotty pine doors. However it is not cost effective to have solid hardwood jambs or casings from Brazil. The price is usually not workable due to the high cost of hardwood in Brazil.


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